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I am your personal Couture Tee Designer, your koosh cotton garment workhorse. Commit to me, and I will pour my passion drip by drip into your tee month after month. Its rare to have your very own Couture Tee Designer. Take this opportunity to invest in each other. Let us join forces so to speak. Expect nothing but raw, intriguing pieces full of fervor. Each piece is Hand Painted by me, Tristan Christopher and made in Boulder, Colorado & Redondo Beach, California.

Your Couture Tee is Guaranteed to meet your standards. Every Couture Tee is individually made fresh to order. Each month you will receive a stunning example of my work. Each Couture Tee you receive will highlight the progressively alternative themes whirling in my head at the time of its creation. I’m your personal Couture Tee Designer, go ahead and use me up.
  • 100% Vintage Soft Wash Organic Cotton blends
  • An artist designs and embellishes each piece by hand with love;)
  • Size Chart: XS 0 S 0-2 M 4-6 L 8-10 XL 12-14
  • All made of the softest and highest quality fabrics
  • Our Guarantee- If you don't like it, we'll make you another.
  • Your tee will come each month around the same date of purchase.
  • Only pay for shipping once!
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