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Tristan Christopher:

CLICK TO VIEW ONLINE WEARABLE ART PORTFOLIOWomenís health is a crucial component of society. Providing quality information and training to promote better living, and making it easily accessible to everyday professional women and mothers is so rewarding. Receiving this gift is what spawned the motivation for Tristan Christopher to develop Gorgeous Womenís Fitness Center. After receiving his Bachelors in Science in Biochemistry, Tristan Christopher quickly realized the importance in incorporating the best of western science and eastern philosophy to build a more balanced approach to living more healthily. Designing nutritional plans and body sculpting routines was a technical passion, but Tristan soon recognized in order to remain mentally sound, he would have to express his creative side as well. Tristan wanted to produce mini quick works of art. In doing so, he knew he could get his instant gratification fix. He also wanted these works of art to make a statement and to be on a medium that could be viewed by many. Finally the light came on in his head, eureka, itís T-shirts! Couture Tee was born.


Couture Tee is not a brand, it is a theory. An evolving, soulful entity, that flows parallel to life with adequate dissonance. Couture Tee is compelled to construct an imprint in your mind that dissipates with a sweet cocoa after taste. An architect of your finest Tee wishes. The collective efforts of a few radiant artists have aligned in muse fashion to deliver to you,



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David Williams:

He's designed wardrobes for Academy Award winning Actors,  Denzel Washington and Halle Berry,  as well as Rock stars, Enrique Iglesias and Wyclef Jean. Throughout his career,  he's designed for over 25 television shows and films, as well as serving as Wardrobe Creator for FX Networks. He's been featured in numerous on air MTV interviews,  as well as serving as a prominent voice in the future of street haute couture.  David is here to share his unique Vision, design, and techniques with us.


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